In Zwaagdijk we have modern (cooled) storage facilities for potatoes or other agricultural products at our disposal. On a surface of about 10.000 square meters we are able to store a total of 8000 tonnes of potatoes or other agricultural products in 6 mechanical cooling facilities. Furthermore we have available 5000 pallet crates for storage of your products, if so desired.

Through optimization of temperature, humidity and CO2 the quality is warranted until the new harvest presents itself once more. By doing so consumption potatoes can be delivered year round, uncomplicated and without loss of quality.

We offer you the possibility to store and conserve seed or consumption potatoes and onions. For this purpose we have 6 cold store units at our disposal. By means of a dehydration wall the product is being dried. In order to dry them efficiently we use gas heaters for onions. In those units four 3.0 kilowatt fans can be deployed. To secure an optimal dehydration process the drying installations are controlled by a Geerlofs storage computer.


We can handle the processing on your behalf and we have at our disposal, among others, dump containers, telescopic belt conveyors, pre-sorters as well as a state of the art palletiser installation.