In the West-Friesland area Sijm agro bv cultivates approximately 100 ha of potatoes on the clay and sabulous clay soil. Among those are the varieties Spunta, Nicola and Primura.

The West-Friesland and surrounding area’s soil lends itself perfectly for the growing of vegetables, similarly for onions. Sijm agro bv grows about 20 ha of onions.

Beside seed potatoes we also grow consumption potatoes. We supply to merchants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Russia.

Sijm agro bv has been granted Global GAP certification and specializes in the growing of seed potatoes, consumption potatoes and onions.
Our aim as a reliable partner is to achieve high quality products and to that end we are always available to our customers and growers. Furthermore we offer mechanical and air cooled storage facilities for potatoes as well as other agricultural products.


In the year 1909 Dorus Sijm lay the foundation by cultivating 3 ha. of vegetables and potatoes, after which in 1963 Henk Sijm continued the business. He extended the company by adding, among others, the growing of seed potatoes. Already at an early age his three sons took part in the firm, which resulted in their taking the helm in 1998. Up to the present day the area of seed potatoes grown by Sijm agro bv has developed to approximately 100 ha.

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