Beside seed potatoes we also grow consumption potatoes. We supply to merchants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Russia. At the same time we can handle the processing on your behalf and we have at our disposal, among others, dump containers, telescopic belt conveyors, pre-sorting machines as well as a state of the art palletiser installation.


Currently we grow the varieties Primura and Spunta, which we supply packed in accordance with your stipulations. As a rule the potatoes are sorted at 45 or 50 and packed in respectively 25 kg, 10 kg or big bags. Naturally all in line with the customer’s wishes.


Executing a balanced growing schedule results in being able to take temporary measures in order to deliver the required quality at all times. By growing both early and late varieties we can influence the availability in such a way that between July and October we have fresh potatoes directly off the land. We make use of conditioned storage facilities, as a result of which the quality is preserved.


The classified potatoes are being rinsed in a product friendly dry-installation after which they are run through the reading machine, which selects and discards those potatoes with visible anomalies of the skin, thus safeguarding our quality.